A journey to
discover the secrets
of our skin:

Control Alt Care

An educational project conceived by Carolina Zani Melanoma Foundation in partnership with Gruppo Pleiadi with the aim of transferring – thanks to an innovative and experiential teaching method – knowledge and awareness about the skin, its composition, the phototype, but also the dangers and risks to which it is exposed every day.

During these workshops the students will have the opportunity to:

Learn more about solar radiation, ultraviolet rays and how they interact with our body,

in order to find the best solutions to protect ourselves from the most harmful exposures.

The laboratory

The laboratory gives the students the opportunity to use microscopes, infrared lamps and flash cards to understand the crucial role of scientific research and to raise awareness and increase the focus on protection and prevention, which is a sensitive yet important issue.


Control Alt Care aims to transmit from a very young age – through a range of engaging educational activities – a strong awareness destined to remain stable in time.


The 100 workshops, realized through an engaging pedagogical style and an interactive approach, were launched on April 20th 2022 and they involve classes from 3rd, 4th and 5th grade. Not only the young students are involved, but also their parents and relatives. The dissemination of what they learnt at school generates an enlarged context of knowledge in the field of prevention of the risks that arise mainly from exposure to UV rays and the lack of protection of the epidermis